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Darkness Must Prevail


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Curse Of My Race Horrified by the human race, Every new day is in despair, Tangled into dreams and moral thoughts, This world isn't done for me. I borned to die. What's the meaning of a life involved in death? I'm in a spiral through a cadavers realm Set to be born though the downfall in a empty life full of death. I really borned to die. The absurdity of your existence, Decaying from the first day of life, An existence submerged in misery, Fascinated by the pain. Majestic descent between torn vaginal flesh, Human life crowned between shit and mess. Rotten meat, organic disgust, Bringing nothing but desolation. Basters of everything, masters of nothing. Denatured animals with no redemption.
Darkness Must Prevail You, expert in walking through the paths of misery. There is no peace without chaos. Submerged in a grey life of shadows, Tangled in your own disgrace. Fragility in your eyes, With wretchedness as crown, Son of sorrow in searching of happiness, Your stupidity consumes me. You wonder every day why keep going, This is the dead of your false hopes. There is no place for weakness, The Darkness must prevail. Fragility as crown, Wretchedness as shield. Son of sorrow in searching of happiness, Your stupidity consumes me. Fragility in your eyes, With wretchedness as crown, Son of sorrow in searching of happiness, Your stupidity consumes me.
After Life 04:53
After Life Smell of slaughterhouse, noises of flies, warm humiliation, bloody viscosity, torn skin nailed in dirty walls of wood, pieces of corpses preserved in formaldehyde. Postmortem ritual. Set the mangles bodies in fire, purified after a trifling life They always learn to live at the gates of the death. I’m the blade, I’m the will, I’m the artist over your skin. Cuts and more cuts, fluids caressing my skin, soft and infected scabs, I'll cum once again. No more screams, no more supplicate, only bones and flesh resting with me. I will embrace my victims in hell, then we will purify our souls together. His last cry, his last breath of life, carving his corpses, my way of honoring the dead.
End Destination Watch your empire crumble made of bunkers of stone, Your inconclusive demands rots a dripping of indescision. A cold day in hell Torsos whipped clean from skin the event horizon is gone and a festering now begins. Hunted by the deceased through wastelands overrun by the dead that will not stay, that affects and dismantles all beneath. A cold day in hell this is what all has come to now frozen meat and broken bones you are the hunted now. Power to control the blast, the skies are turning black, submission war is waged, mushroom clouds cover heavens, bullets rip the flesh again and again, extinction war! No land or water remains! Swallowed by a atrocious pain. winds of chaotic design, like a cataclysm. like a curse through the upcoming ages, as whips the shoulders of already dead men. A cold day in hell, I want to desapear, a nuclear holocaust, obliteration all the nations. A cold day in hell, none to wish you well, your riches mean nothing, as your entrails onto the ground.
Sunk Into Oblivion Master of deception, Overs of the money and power Searching for glory on his knees, Dressed with a smile and a hidden knife, You only deserve death. Sunk into oblivion, I wish your death. Eye by eye, tooth by tooth, Bloody smashed faces, cries and broken bones, Sorry, but not sorry when I stab you, Bathed in your blood, I feel myself complete. I despise you and all you are, You are the shame, the shame of life. Dreamer of the faith, sinner repented, Willing to judge and hide. I would wish a slow death, disappear and burn my soul. How can You be happy in this lie you live? Sunk into oblivion, I wish your death.
Through Self-Repulsion Ashamed up to the bones, Disgusts me my reflection, Like a disfigured portrait, I'm in love of my self repulsion. The life itself is my worst nightmare, I’m so tangled in my tormented mind. Every moment of my life is covered in misery, Every minute of my existence is pure agony, I’m composed of disappointment and suffering, Death would be the quick exit to this journey through self repulsion. Terror is my reality, moral is the weapon of weaks, Depravation it’s my law, there is no redemption in this impiety soul. If freedom were not a dilemma, If fear was not an option, Then the night did not follow the day, And the flames of hell will not consume our souls. And I understood that nothing would make sense, I was living in an empty World, and the hope was just a mirage. I destroyed too many lives, I’m the real mistake. I live in war with myself, unhappiness is my blessing, front at the gates of My own hell, suicide my only way out.
Into Utter Darkness As darkness slowly descends this place turn to hell, Lock your doors forever, bolt the windows shut. A freezing has come to seep in mi mind, This cold thats don't let me feel pain, Inside my rotting mind a storm is gathering and picking up pace. Life is a disgrace, nights turns into days, Everything have sense inside those who are sick within, Bleeding walls of sanatarium now falls into wastes. You built a society of smoke to veil this hidden hell where you are. These walls can no longer hold us and our desires to kill. You will never feel alone in a grave with a thousand worms. Carnage aligns to créate a world of deceased bodies. Into utter darkness, coming of a new age, Courting the mistress of damnation, As she drapes the fields in blood, as she crown the death over all of us. Long nights of death until the cold disappear with our last breath. No, nowhere to run to finally, even for the chosen few.
Blessing of malignancy Treacherous as a double-edged knife, watching among the crowd with his dead eyes A look dark, so deep and lethal. Death is no more than the other side of the coin that shows the life. Step by step I found the threshold of the death, Stab by stab life escapes from their cold hands. And I reborn through your flesh, emerging as a new creature, Blessed by blood rituals, cursed by myself. Suffer and scream. Mutilating I pray for my victims, This is my way to purify our souls. The Death is pure, reborned in fury, Tormented corpses on the way of new life in death. Purified among your screams.


released January 11, 2019

Guitar solo on "Darkness Must Prevail": Tóbal (InMute).
Vocals on "Through Self-Repulsion": Rogga Johansson.
Mixed & mastered by Dan Swano.
Arwork: Headsplit Design.


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This is one of the primal Spanish death metal bands of the late 80s and early 90s, the times when the graveyard-flavoured metal madness established its reing over an indomitable path through the underground.

Current line up:
Guitar: Rafa C.
Drums: Enri Sanchis.
Bass: Anselmo Roca.
Guitar: Boris Ortiz.
Vocals: Juanmi Serra
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